Our Approach

Peers hold more influence over social networkers’ purchases than any other source of information, while over one-third of ‘online socialites’ spend less time watching TV or reading newspapers or magazines as a result of their usage.

We’re Strategic

We think that effective use of social media is the most strategically important opportunity in online marketing today. We also believe that a social media marketing campaign should only be done in a measurable, performance-driven way. There’s no point plunging in to social media with little idea of what you’re trying to achieve or what ROI you hope to get from your spend.

We’re in at the Start

Social media is still a growing industry and those who have already invested some of their marketing spend in it have begun to see significant and growing returns. Done properly, social media marketing is scalable and can be incredibly cost efficient.

We’re Rigorous

Social media can transform the way you interact with your existing and future customers. We offer an end-to-end social media marketing solution including:

  • Monitoring the current “noise” and discussion on the web around your brand, competitors and industry by tracking carefully selected buzz words, using our social media monitoring tool Social IQ and other similar applications for specialist requirements
  • Strategic review of the results, offering insight and analysis on the findings, resulting in a coherent tailored strategy
  • Tactical recommendations based on your business objectives, to get you to where you want to be and keep you there
  • A roadmap and campaign execution that delivers measurable improvements in performance, not just eyeballs.

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