Meet the Social People Team


Viral Thaker

Founder, CEO

In a nutshell, Viral can be well described as a visionary dreamer by the night and an aggressive dream catcher by the day; in between he is a serial #entrepreneur; loves #animals, #books, #music, #photography & #travelling. As the Founder & CEO, Viral takes care of the overall operations, marketing and business development apart from being the usual 11th-hour samaritan at TheSocialPeople.

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  • Business Management 80%
  • Marketing & Branding 90%
  • Client Relationship Management 60%
  • Business Development 60%

Arun Moli Devan

Head – Consulting Business

There is an urban legend that Arun suffers from a serious case of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). But guess what? Even if he does he plays around it as his strength. As the Head of the Consulting Business, he is responsible for all the campaign & service delivery project at TheSocialePeople. Arun comes with over 5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing & Delivery Project Management.

  • Digital Media 80%
  • Project Management 90%
  • Relationship Management 75%
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning 80%

Yamini Thaker

Human Resources & Operations

“Joan-of-Arc” is what Yamini is referred as. She is responsible for ensuring that all is well-placed at the madhouse. Yamini takes care of all general HR & Operations of day to day chores. She is passionate about Psychology, loves to read & travel. Apart from working at TheSocialPeople Yamini is also on-board of the Thaker Group as a Non-Executive Member.

  • General HR Operations 75%
  • Administrative Management 90%
  • Customer Relationship Management 60%
  • General Finance & Accounts 70%

Poornima Sripal

Head – Service Delivery & Account Management

Affectionately called “Poo”, but then the name is a trap ‘coz at work she is a Jedi. Poornima comes with over 4+ years of overall experience in Creative Design, Advertising, Digital Marketing and Account Management. As the Head of Service Delivery, she is responsible for overall Key Account Management, Delivery Process Management, Creative & Campaign Management.

  • Client Management 75%
  • Campaign Management 70%
  • Digital Marketing 60%
  • Creative Designing 85%

Aishani Taneja Mal

Lead – Account Management

In a parallel universe, Aishani (Shanu) must be a ninja warrior or may be a Jedi whose only karma is to make anything and everything, well… impeccably perfect. This Digital Marketing Queen bee is notorious for her extensive market research and detailed campaign analysis. Oh! and speaking of her Ninja traits beware of her casual, candid punches. They actually pain a lot!

  • Campaign Planning 75%
  • Customer Relationship 70%
  • Project Management 65%
  • Integrated Marketing Planning 85%

Mr. Web Spidey

Web Crawler and Big Data Monger

All hail and bow to the mighty Mr. Web Spidey. His world wide web network is what makes the new world order thrive and communicate. Mr. Web Spidey never rests. He keeps crawling large complex data on the web network and curating them to get intelligent insights whenever necessary. He is a legend and the greatest Data Monger ever in the virtual world. Spidey loves to eat those cookies that are discreetly hiding on your system.

  • Data Crawling efficiency 76%
  • Data Analytics 82%
  • Sentiment Analysis 70%
  • Competition Analysis 85%
Varna Suresh

Content Writer

Varna’s legendary love for the English language makes her the extremely enthusiastic writer she is. A voracious reader, she spends all her free time with her nose buried in a book. As a technology freak and enthusiastic coder, she can never stay away from the challenge of a puzzle. Currently doing her undergrad in Computer Science, Varna comes with over two years of professional content development and content marketing experience.


Digital Campaign Co-ordinator


Digital Designer

Sai Mahesh

Digital Campaign Co-ordinator

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