Adrenalin eSystems Limited

Adrenalin eSystems Limited



Established in 2002, Adrenalin eSystems Pvt. Ltd. is a Polaris Group company dealing with HR automation and Cloud solutions.


The objective was to create and maintain a complete online and social media presence for the firm. As it is common knowledge, having a strong social media portfolio goes a long way in creating a brand for any company, irrespective of the industry it may belong to.


We started with building a complete business eco-system – website with proper link to social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Analytics driven campaigns, Customer Relation Management, and content were vital elements to plan a campaign strategy.


Adrenalin eSystems has the most organically visible & social media engagement brand in the HR Technology space (organic) as compared to other direct competitors. This was achieved through a content based qualitative campaign, which focused on substantial content more than bringing in likes and followers to the page.

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