B2B Mobile Marketing: 5 Companies with Campaigns You Can Learn From

B2B Mobile Marketing: 5 Companies with Campaigns You Can Learn From

The best way you can improve your mobile marketing strategy is to learn from the mistakes and success of others. Luckily, we’ve got 5 examples of stellar mobile marketing campaigns that will steer you in the direction you need to go. While not all of these campaigns are B2B-oriented, the strategies involved will be just as effective when your target audience is a company instead of a single consumer.

Now hurry up – there are sales to be made!


  1. Make Your Print Content Mobile

FedEx has their own in-house publication designed to educate consumers on business trends and promote global connectivity. Unsurprisingly, those goals are far easier to achieve when you’re releasing content in a digital format, which is why the brand’s Access magazine is being released in app form. The fact that smartphone users now spend an average of 86 percent of their mobile device time in mobile apps makes this decision even smarter.


  1. Embrace Interactive Ads

Static banner ads are outdated and ineffective. Pop-up ads were the next iteration of internet advertising, but how often have you just clicked the “x” in annoyance without looking at the message?

HBO’s marketing department took a different approach when they partnered with Variety and Flixster’s apps for an interactive ad that saw users leaving bloody fingerprints on the screen each time they touched it.

When virtual blood is dripping down your smartphone’s screen, you can’t help but be interested. The campaign was in support of HBO’s show True Blood, which saw a subsequent jump in viewership of 38 percent.


  1. Use Content to Expand Your Market

Computer giant IBM has been around forever, but they discovered that as the digital niche expanded, consumers’ views of what IBM was about hadn’t grown at the same rate. Instead of relying solely on a traditional rebranding campaign that involved television commercials and print media, they set up Outthink, a content marketing hub that illustrates the company’s role in the evolution of and innovation in fields as far-flung as healthcare, security, culture, and business.


  1. Create a Cross-Channel Campaign

More is not always better, but a mobile marketing campaign that spans across several channels and works like a single, integrated unit is undeniably beneficial.

Clothing giant American Eagle Outfitters appealed to SMS subscribers to “like” the AEO Facebook page; any consumer that did so then received an offer for free shipping.

It was a very smart move from a company that likely understands that 1 out of every 7 minutes the average internet user spends online is spent on Facebook. That’s about 10.5 billion minutes a year that a brand has to potentially reach out and convert casual surfers into committed customers.

Using an text messages marketing makes these type of text-based maneuvers infinitely easier by employing tools like mass texts and short codes to help consumers sign up simply and marketing departments track communication without the need to cluster around a single smartphone.


  1. Tie in Your Email and SMS Campaigns

A great mobile marketing campaign requires the creation of a specialized mobile strategy that reflects the particular needs and goals of the brand at hand. Makeup mavens Julep wanted to launch their mobile marketing campaign quickly, so they sent a deal to their entire email list promising a 50-percent discount on their next nail polish purchase if they signed up for the company’s new “Julep Mobile Insider Club.” One subsequent SMS promotion had an impressive 34 percent click-through rate, and more than 17 percent made an actual purchase.

The best way to move towards success is to become a customer-centric company. That requires making a connection with both current and prospective customers, and there are few ways to do it more efficiently or effectively than with mobile marketing.


What’s Next?

How do you ensure that your customer is getting the best mobile experience possible when interacting with your brand? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below. I would love to know your thoughts.


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