How ACT Fibernet committed a brand suicide!

December seems to have become a month that is jinxed to the Chennai city but no matter what the people of Chennai has always emerged out as brave survivors. The cyclone nicknamed Vardha was a big blow to the city’s infrastructure, especially to the telecom & broadcast networks. The storm destroyed most of the telecom network irrespective […]

Is Google Allo to take the messaging platform by storm?

Google Allo made its grand foray into the chatting realm a few days ago. It is right now the new kid on the block, but the day isn’t far that it takes over the messaging platform and makes its rivals a matter of history. Currently available on Android and iPhone, Allo has not ventured into […]

Digital Marketing Spend is increasing but where are the skilled strategic marketers?

Though digital marketing budgets are growing in 2016, there are signs of frustration among marketers when it comes to winning boardroom and organisational battles. Our seventh annual Marketing Budgets Report 2016, sponsored by Oracle Marketing Cloud, was published this week. The survey of almost 500 company and agency marketers reveals some important trends… 72% are […]

Facebook just updated its News Feed algorithm, but nothing to panic!

What happened? Facebook adjusted their News Feed algorithm this week, and apparently it’s a significant enough change to warrant a news update. Every time Facebook tweaks the News-Feed-algorithm-formerly-known-as-EdgeRank, people get concerned that their content is going to vanish off the face of Facebook. It seems that for most brands, that won’t be the case. So let’s […]

Google+ is technically not dead, it just got sensible.

by learning from its mistakes and bowing to the inevitable by stopping to force Google+ logins on its suite of products. With totally futile attempts to “harass” its users of Youtube, Gmail and so on to convert their accounts into Google+ accounts mandatorily, Google finally lays down its arms. This decision was not at all surprising. On the hindsight what surprised me is that Google took 4 years to realize their blunder.

Well done Indian Government

We, as a people, love to find fault with the government. We constantly keep an eye on their actions, ready to pounce the moment something goes amiss. Which is what makes India the grandest democracy around, the accountability. But we owe it to the government, to give our appropriation when it is due. And this is one occasion, when we must raise our hats to the efficiency and helpfulness of the current government.

Save the internet. Support Net Neutrality

There has been a lot of ruckus going on around Net Neutrality & I’d been trying to keep away from it until I read an update from Mark Zuckerberg which I find to be disillusioning. Without going into any of the technical details here’s my viewpoint in a nutshell: