Our Culture

TheSocialPeople’s culture is like what soul is to a body. It is the bond that brings people to gather as one big professional family with one common goal – Innovation! TheSocialPeople is not a conventional company, nor do we intend to become one. It may be true that we share attributes with some of the world’s most successful companies, but as we continue to grow we are consciously trying our best to retain a small company feel.

We believe that every individual working at TheSocialPeople has ideas, most of them either need that push to break the inertia and the rest need some guidance. This way every employee is an integral part of our success.
Our recruitment ideology is not to just hire a talent, but to win it and nurture it with our training programs and engagement methodologies. TheSocialPeople thrive in small, focused groups and high energy environments; believe in the ability of Social Media to revolutionise the world and are passionate about their personal life as they love their work.

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