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after all who doesn't like bragging their success stories!

Myntra woos customers with hassle free returns, instant refunds in its ad campaign

Myntra has kicked off a 360 degree marketing campaign to underscore its service offerings, targeted at uninitiated shoppers across the country with a special focus on non-metro cities and small towns. Myntra’s research into the online shopping habits of people in non-metro cities indicates growth potential due to the presence of a high number of internet […]

How ACT Fibernet committed a brand suicide!

December seems to have become a month that is jinxed to the Chennai city but no matter what the people of Chennai has always emerged out as brave survivors. The cyclone nicknamed Vardha was a big blow to the city’s infrastructure, especially to the telecom & broadcast networks. The storm destroyed most of the telecom network irrespective […]

Thirdware Services Pvt. Ltd.,


Founded in 1995, Thirdware is a business technology firm that extends Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence solutions.


The objective was to increase employee engagement and interaction on the firm’s Facebook page.

Maverick Fitness


Maverick Fitness is a prominent fitness studio with branches in Chennai, Salem, and Bangalore. 2014 marks their tenth anniversary and they wanted to do something special to spread the message through the fast growing and immensely powerful tool that is social media.


The aim was to come up with a strategy to glorify Maverick Fitness’s ten years of service as a fitness studio, while making it a household name as well.

Thinksoft Global Services Limited


Thinksoft Global Services Ltd. is an independent Business Assurance and Testing Specialist, working exclusively with the financial sector. It was established in 1993.


The objective was to increase brand visibility via social media to facilitate reaching into the European markets. This is mind, we formulated a dynamic strategy to achieve maximum outreach and branding possible.

Phoenix Marketcity Chennai

With the real estate markets heating up in Chennai the mall construction was delayed by over 6 months costing them a lot of dear money from the project budget which limited their overall marketing and advertising budgets.

TheSocialPeople suggested them to take the road never taken and completely launch the mall on the online & social media.

Ford Motor Company Taking Content Seriously

Imagine if someone had given the US automobile industry a tarot card reading six years ago. They would probably have pulled the card showing the tumbledown tower – the one that means your whole world is being turned upside down. Indeed, there have been bailouts, loans, spin-offs, and a general decrease in sales. It’s also been a time of rapid innovation and re-invention. One of the places you can witness this is in taking a close look at how the Ford Motor Company is using social media.

Adrenalin eSystems Limited


Established in 2002, Adrenalin eSystems Pvt. Ltd. is a Polaris Group company dealing with HR automation and Cloud solutions.


The objective was to create and maintain a complete online and social media presence for the firm. As it is common knowledge, having a strong social media portfolio goes a long way in creating a brand for any company, irrespective of the industry it may belong to.


Talentica is a product development company based in Pune. They contacted us in early 2013 for strategy and tactics to increase employee engagement and create a camaraderie and workplace bonding among all existing employees. They had close to 200 employees and this narrowed down the possibilities, as we were required to come up with an idea that was targeted at a mass

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