How ACT Fibernet committed a brand suicide!

How ACT Fibernet committed a brand suicide!

December seems to have become a month that is jinxed to the Chennai city but no matter what the people of Chennai has always emerged out as brave survivors. The cyclone nicknamed Vardha was a big blow to the city’s infrastructure, especially to the telecom & broadcast networks. The storm destroyed most of the telecom network irrespective of the brands, while some of them were steadily prepared for such a calamity, most managed to recover in a day or two after learning a lesson; most but one arrogant brand that crossed the limits of all arrogance – ACT Fibernet.

The move to disconnect all customer support lines both on call & sms was a brand suicidal. To make the matter worst they foolishly send out false commitments on emails & SMS assuring customers an ERT (Expected Repair Time) of 24 – 48 hours regularly. Ofcourse most of the consumers still crying foul after 11 days since the unfortunate storm.

This whole episode showcases 2 major learnings –

ACT Fibernet failed in a clear disaster management planning –

They were so foolish & naive no to be prepared for such an eventuality which definitely accounted for their loss in the form of infrastructure damage but also costed their commercial subscribers some serious business damages with no internet connectivity.

ACT Fibernet committed a Brand Suicidal by cutting off customer service lines –

Yes! as the complaint flow started to grow steadily as the storm subsided they were arrogant enough to disconnect all the communication lines & let their subscribers cry foul on over the internet & social media networks.




During a crisis like this, a brand has to step up its marketing communication strategically:

  • by accepting that they failed to proactively plan for such an eventuality
  • to ensure that all the consumers are well aware of the problem they are facing
  • give a practical ETR instead of setting a wrong expectation & not able to deliver

This arrogant approach & clear lack of crisis management has costed a lot more than ACT Fibernet can even calculate. Once the consumer trust is dead no brand has ever been able to resurrect back. Lets wait & what what the verdict that ACT Fibernet will be facing.

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