Maverick Fitness

Maverick Fitness



Maverick Fitness is a prominent fitness studio with branches in Chennai, Salem, and Bangalore. 2014 marks their tenth anniversary and they wanted to do something special to spread the message through the fast growing and immensely powerful tool that is social media.


The aim was to come up with a strategy to glorify Maverick Fitness’s ten years of service as a fitness studio, while making it a household name as well. This meant the existing brand needed to be taken to a much higher level and attain more visibility than ever before.


We started with a complete revamp of the brand – repositioning it to transform itself into a new avatar to coincide with the 10th anniversary celebration. Keeping with the theme (10 years of service), we structured a “10 Points” social media strategy, creating banners and similar content to attract and increase engagement on various social media platforms.


We achieved an astonishing 130% engagement of the target audience, resulting in 200% brand visibility for Maverick Fitness. TheSocialPeople was also able to forge a healthy relationship with Maverick Fitness. As a result, we are working with them on an upcoming project that focuses on fitness for kids.

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