Phoenix Marketcity Chennai

Phoenix Marketcity Chennai

Phoenix Market City

“My Destination Joint”

Phoenix Marketcity – Chennai


With the real estate markets heating up in Chennai the mall construction was delayed by over 6 months costing them a lot of dear money from the project budget which limited their overall marketing and advertising budgets.

TheSocialPeople suggested them to take the road never taken and completely launch the mall on the online & social media.


TheSocialPeople team set defined a very in-depth strategy to integrate various social networks like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and foursquare with one another based on their USPs and then gamify the whole process of engagement with target audience.


We integrated all the online channels (website and social networks) into a systematic and relayed ecosystem that would serve as a foundation of this campaign. Then we set out to look for people conversing online with keywords like – “Shopping, Discounts, hangout, movies, entertainment, dining”.

Once we found these conversations and these people, we replied to their conversations with a simple teaser of “Happiness arriving soon” banner with the Phoenix Marketcity logo and “Velacherry” as the location. The campaign hit the bulls-eye and caught the virality meter.

Once we had the brand conversations crossing over 100,000, we started creating an awareness on all the flagship and first timer stores that would make the mall unique from its contemporary malls. With over 2000 likes the mall was launched and every foot fall was gamified into a foursquare check-in; for every check in the person could avail a certain amount of discount at selected stores and upon being a “mayor” gets featured on the “hall of fame” on the online channels of Phoenix Marketcity Chennai.


The mall was launched solely on the social media platform with zero advertising and traditional marketing channels with over 15,000 and growing fan / followers and an average of 1500 plus check-ins per day… all this in a span of 60 days only.

Takeaway from Our Perspective:

Consumers today just don’t want discounts and offers, they expected something that is specially for them and only them. Involving the people by gamificaition of social media networking helped the campaign as the consumers were able to relate themselves to various brands.

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