Social Media Intelligence

Everywhere you look, you see data — Local Servers, Data warehouses, Cloud Storage and now the biggest form of data one can imagine – Social Networks. Now just imagine the amount of intelligence this data pool might be holding for business. What if you get the power to structure this historic data into a matrix of ever evolving probabilities that can benefit in more than just one way? The proliferation of data makes easy-to-use business analysis tools more important than ever. The ability for business users to visualise data so they can spot trends and outliers is not nice to have, its mission critical. Otherwise you’ve got warehouses of data but no data intelligence.


Listen to the whole World Wide Web on any keyword, topic, brand or mention. It feels like being the mighty Zeus and watching the world sitting from Mount Olympus.


Monitor your brand and even compare it with your competition on various criteria such as campaign outreach, engagement and sentiment. Qontifi is a complete Online Reputation Management (ORM) tool.


Campaign all your social media messaging from a single window without taking the trouble of switching multiple portals and windows. Qontifi even allows you to schedule messages for any future date and time.


Converse with your engaged audiences across various social networks from a single window. Reduce the response time by 80% and increase brand engagement.

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Analyse with Qontifi

With qontifi you can analyse a big data of any size and type (Structured or unstructured) in seconds to give it a visible structure that will change that way you run your business. Qontifi will turn your big data into big intelligence.

Sentiment Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Topic Analysis