[Campaign Review] – How Sephora miss-spelled a social media campaign!

[Campaign Review] – How Sephora miss-spelled a social media campaign!

#C***downToBeauty is the latest trending. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, what comes from the famous, becomes famous; as is the case here with make-up giant, Sephora’s, much awaited first Australian store opening that was the talk of the town owing to a conspicuous typo on their Facebook page. Like HELLO…. #CountdownToBeauty missing the o in count??!! Cannot get any more conspicuous than that.

Sephora FB

Was this a publicity stunt? Well, it sure did attract a lot of attention for not so many right reasons. But, as the saying goes, ‘Any publicity is good publicity’.

On the flip side, many Sephora fans took the typo with a pinch of sugar, with some even thanking the post for brightening up their day.

Sephora twitter 2


sephora twitter

Trust the press to make a big deal out of a celebrity mess up. Pedestrian TV described it as, and I quote, ‘unfortunate’ and blamed it on a, and I quote again, ‘presumably very recently employed social media manager’. Mumbrella also had their say , ‘Whilst cosmetics store Sephora was looking to make a bit of a splash on social media for the opening of its new store in Sydney tomorrow, it probably wasn’t banking on a botched hashtag to get the job done’.

But that apart, boyfriends and husbands, enjoy your new found freedom, but don’t forget to replenish those wallets for your ladies whom you are going to lose to a wide array of lipsticks, lotions and potion!

Founded in France over three decades ago, Sephora to a lady is like Hamleys to a child. Along with Sephora’s own range, the Sydney store showcases brands like Marc Jacobs Beauty, Make Up For Ever and Kat Von D.

Kat Von D sure is excited. She says “This has been years of Australian girls like bitching at me about not being able to get this stuff shipped over here. ‘I think people are going to love it. I think the only people who are going to hate it are probably the boyfriends waiting around while the girls spend three hours in there.” She started off seven years ago with her brand that included four shades of red lipstick. Today , her Studded Kiss Lipsticks are number one sellers in Sephora US. Her beauty tips emanate from honesty and reassurance; one such being “Confidence, to me, is the sexiest attribute you can have”.

Sephora has only just opened up in Sydney and is already topping the charts with over 15000 Instagram followers and almost 1900 stores in 29 countries! Talk about big numbers with lots of zeroes!

Sephora has all that and more, now with the new store in her kitty!

What do you think about this campaign? Was it an innocent typo or a deliberate publicity stunt? Comment Below…

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