SMAC technology is spreading faster than any other in the recent past. Some experts in the field have predicted that by 2020 SMAC will account for $5 trillion of the total spending by customers.

Social collaboration is expanding the way people interact with one another and businesses. Mobile devices have enhanced customer’s reach to information from various sources. Mobile applications will help businesses reach these customers and interact with them at personal level. These applications can also collect information regarding what customers say about their products. SMAC technology will help companies to move into high-margin businesses due to its global reach, low overheads and high availability.

Tech Savvy businesses have already recognised the need to recreate their businesses against a backdrop of tremendous economic volatility. We at TheSocialPeople are an expert force at work that highlight how and what to change and provide advice, guidance and some technical recommendations on how to modernize your business in line with new opportunities and challenges.

Social Media

Social Networking has changed the way we look at or live in the world. Unleash the power of Social Media across your enterprise by creating what we call a “Social Business”.

  • Social Media Website
  • Enterprise Social Networking
  • Social Media CRM


Mobile is no longer simply about calling, it is evolving rapidly as a main stream networking media. With our expert teams for BYOD, Mobile app development & Mobile Media campaigns, we enable businesses to stay ahead of the curve.


Data is the new science. With the emergence of Big Data CIO’s have been having sleepless nights to fine ways & means to analyze this historic data and get the business intelligence to accurately predict business dynamics.


With our ready to use Enterprise Social Networking solutions you can connect, engage and communicate with your business ecosystem in a secure way.